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‘Political tension could endanger all achievements’

AT News Report-KABUL: Current political tension could deeply jeopardize all the achievements gained in the past 16 years and defiantly trigger the country toward crisis, the tribal elders warned, asking the central government to end the ongoing political tensions.

In a gathering on Saturday, a large number of tribal elders of northern Balkh province called on the National Unity Government to put a halt to the current rift between Atta Mohammad Noor, the ousted Balkh governor and the Presidential Palace.

Noor who is also Chief Executive of Jamiat-e-Islami political party, drive out from his post as Balkh governor after President Ashraf Ghani accepted his resignation recently.

Mohammad Dawood was announced Noor’s successor, but however he yet to introduced officially as new Balkh governor—reversely, in several occasions Noor rejected his resignation, saying he tendered resignation based on condition that so far no meet.

He also warned the Presidential Palace and CEO office, saying he doesn’t afraid of President Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah.

He also warned of not letting the newly-introduced governor to enter the province. But he said if Jamiat tells him to step down he will do it without any delay. “I am the governor and none can remove me unless to reach a consensus with the Presidential Palace through negotiations with Jamiat party.”

As the rift between the Presidential Palace and Noor still looming, Noor reiterated he would remain as Balkh governor till the end of National Unity Government tenure if negotiations failed to bear result. However, he is still awaiting Jamiat’s decision over his fate.

But this deeply concerned the Afghan masses. They want the persist rift to be resolved very peacefully.

The tribal elders from 14 districts of Balkh province gathered in Mazar-e-Sharif City, expressing their concerns saying the country would further push toward crisis if political tension continues.

The problem has to be resolved accordance with the values of democracy and the provisions of the constitution, a tribal elder, who is also head of the Sadat Social Association, Sayed Abdul Jabar Jamal told the gathering.

“The rise value of foreign currencies (Against Afghani), the increase in insecurity in different provinces, the rise in food prices and so on are the result of these (political) issues which have made life difficult for the people,” Jamal added.

However, they (tribal elders) also accused the government over its failure that caused increase in presence of the Taliban and Daesh extremist groups and insecurity in parts of the country.

“The continuation of this situation is by no means in favor of the country and the people,” Mukhtar Ahmadi, member of Afghanistan Youth Parliament in Balk, told the gathering.

“The incumbent situation will affect investment, jobs, education, civil activities, freedom of expression and the rights of people.”

At the same time some residents of Balkh on Friday claimed that crime incidents and number of illegal armed men have mounted in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif.

Balkh Provincial Council expressed concern over illegal armed men that their aim is to create disorder and carry out armed robberies in the city.

But Provincial Police Chief, Gen. Sayed Kamal Sadat has instructed every police personnel to adopt solid actions against armed men in the city.



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