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Power sharing deal falls short of implementation

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KABUL: A power sharing deal signed between President Ghani and his rival Abdullah Abdullah to end a political logjam has not been fully implemented.

The agreement that was signed included four pages with five main principles, based on which Dr. Abdullah heads the High Council for National Reconciliation and would have a say in half of cabinet appointments – the power-sharing initiative that ended their months-long feud following an allegedly rigged elections in 2019 end.

The power sharing deal has also the Afghan warlord general Abdul Rashid Dostum to the Marshal rank. The formation of the High Council for National Reconciliation is compromised of five deputies. Although the positions of the two deputies are occupied by the two running mate of Abdullah, there has been no appointment of the rest of three occupations.

A political expert, Moeen Samkani believes that such chaos in the country maintain the leaders on power, thus they do not want to take actions against it.

“They [politicians] do this to preserve their position because they have no intention to solving the great problems,” he added.

The bestowment of the Marshal rank to general Dostum seems to be facing dissent too.

Abdullah’s office has not provided any detail over the formation of the 50 percent of the government cabinet.

Senator Abdullah Qarloq said that the delay in the implementation of power sharing agreement would affect the peace process.

 “Without implementing all principles of the agreement, the beginning of peace talks among Afghans could create a vacuum and obstacles,” he added.

But President Ashraf Ghani’s spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said that the government is committed to whatever stated in the agreement. “Granting the rank of Marshal is part of the agreement and there is no serious problem now,” he added.

The last part of the agreement is pointing to the political elites out of the Afghan government to monitoring the implementation of the deal.

“We will implement the agreement in a way to avoid the challenges,” Abdullah said during the power sharing deal ceremony.

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