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President Ghani says to tackle corruption despite immensepushback

AT-KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that Afghangovernment is firm to uproot corruption, and reiterated commitments regardinganti-corruption agenda made in Geneva Conference while observing InternationalAnti-Corruption Day.

President Ghani said, despite persistence of the corrupt and immense pushback, the government is making inroads in eradicating corruption from the government.

He said that the legal framework was instituted by Afghan National Strategy for Combatting Corruption, and that it is in the process of implementation. So far, this process has seen through indictment and jailing of high-ranking civil and military officials.

“Recruitment of 22,000 civil servants based on transparent open competition by Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission, and awarding of contracts through a transparent process via National Procurement Authority are a couple of examples that indicate our commitment,” said President Ghani.

Tadamichi Yamamoto, U.N. Secretary General’s Special Representative to Afghanistan, John Bass, U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan Sir Nicholas Kay, U.K. ambassador to Afghanistan and national and international organizations were also present at the event. They acknowledged National Unity Government’s sustained focus and commitment to root out corruption.

While admiring enactment of laws and implementation of processes such as, Access to Information Law, Mining Law, continued implementation of inherent law, publication of national budget and asset declaration, they reiterated their commitment to stand with the Afghan government while they continue to combat corruption.

They said that the legal framework and required architecture are in place, but the Afghan government and its international partners need to make sure that architecture is effective.

During the event, high ranking government officials, including the President, singed a commitment letter affirming to be transparent, open and ethical in their daily conducts.

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