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President’s decrees contradict to different ministries, say lawyers

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KABUL: Lawyers allege that President Ghani’s orders to ministries contradict each other, accusing him of playing dual games in his government.

“If you look at the decrees to ministries of finance and another one, you can see a contrast that explains political measure and campaign move that can be interpreted as law discrimination,” said Abdul Sattar Saadat, a lawyer. He added that the president tries to not company his political opposition and pressures them.”

President Ghani has imposed restrictions on appointments in the ministry of foreign affairs, cancelling all orders previously issued.

But regarding the ministry of finance, Ghani has ordered that nobody including judiciary has the right to interfere to the financial institution.

But Shinkay Karokhil, a member of parliament and former ambassador to Canada, said that diplomats in the foreign ministry are appointed based on relations that is against national interests.

She called on the president to intervene and appoint diplomats to foreign missions based on meritocracy.

“I think this is a good decision so that foreign ministry be aware regarding the appointments. Diplomats for foreign missions are mostly appointed from a certain group,” she said.

Khaled Sadat, another lawyer, accused custom departments of corruption, calling for judiciary interference.

“It is necessary that the attorney general office investigates corruption and briberies in the custom offices.”

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