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Pressure mounts on election panel amid long delays

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KABUL: After prolongation of announcing the result of Afghan 28th election, the political fronts, which seemed unhappy over recitals of related organs, has asked the Electoral Complainant Commission (IECC) to operate independently and announce the election result as soon as possible.

Political Parties’ Alliance (Insejam Ahzab) has issued a resolution that says the Afghan masses went to the polling centers and dared the threat only to elect their new leader.

“Despite widespread threats the masses casted their ballots and exercised their democratic rights of voting in order to elect their favorite candidate, but the electoral bodies failed to announce result in the past four months,” the resolution added.

Indeed, the economy and political situations of the country have badly affected due to election conundrum. To get rid of the enigma, the political alliance urged electoral bodies to never go under influence of no body and announce the result in immediate time.

Head of Afghanistan Republic Party, Habibullah Sanjar speaking at a press conference said that IECC must come up to the fore and announce the result. “It has been four months since the Election Day, and voter’s courage who defied threat to ballot, deserves to have election results.”  

“Eccentrically prolonging election result has negatively affected areas of investment and economy.” People wanted the election, and now they have the right to see the result, he added.

On 28th September, Afghanistan conducted its fourth presidential election since 2001 and the turnout was low, and the reason probably was the ongoing process of the peace talks.

At the spur of the moment, two important elements – election and peace talks – did not bring any results. The election has been rigged in which immense frauds committed in the Election Day, while the peace talks, despite its 11th round of talks that took almost one year, did not yield any result so far.

Currently, the IECC has been handling with thousands of related election complaints.

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