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Protestors to IEC: Nullify fake votes

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KABUL: Hundreds of supporters of presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah came to streets in the provinces of Faryab and Takhar on Monday to protest the independent election commission for not invalidating thousands of votes they claim are fraudulent.

The rallies were organized by Abdullah’s electoral teams who have been engaged in planning demonstrations for several days, including one in Kabul on Friday.

The protesters shouted slogans against fraudsters, saying they wouldn’t let fraudsters get the power.

Abdullah claims that 300,000 polls should be revoked because they are counterfeited. His supporters said that they want their votes be respected by the election commission.

The demonstrators warned of “civil disobedience” if their demands were not met by the government and election commission.

The demonstrators in Faryab and Takhar also vowed they would expand demonstrations to other provinces in the north.

They accused the election commission of recounting the non-biometrics polls which is illegal, according to Abdullah.

On Sunday, Abdullah asked his supporters in Baghlan province to gather and protest the vote recount by the independent election commission.

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