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PTM in biggest rally expressed opposition to a new war on both sides of the Durand Line

KABUL- Members and supporters of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) in a large gathering, heled in north Waziristan, expressed their opposition to a new war being imposed on Afghans on both sides of the so-called Durand Line.

“Pashtuns in a massive PTM gathering in Waziristan are expressing opposition to the new war being imposed on both sides of Durand Line” Afrasiab Khattak, one of the leading leaders of the PTM said in a short statement on his twitter on Sunday.

Khattak called the PTM as a “trail blazer in resistance to war state repression” and expressed his happiness that other political parties “have mustered the courage to point out the real usurpers” he said.

The biggest ever gathering by PTM was this time organized in Miran-Shah of north Waziristan of the tribal areas, another leader of the movement, Ali Wazir wrote on his twitter.

“Stop State Terrorism” he said in reference to the Pakistani Military, which is accused by regional and world countries for sheltering terrorists and supporting terrorism in Pakistan and the wider region, while using it as a tool to oppress Pashtuns and Baluch movements.

“The more you oppress the people, the stronger the resistance will be. If the demands of Pashtuns and PTM are seriously considered, there will be no public reaction and no insult to those in uniform” Salahuddin Salarzai, President of Tribal Young Journalist Association, wrote on his twitter after the PTM gathering in Waziristan.

The biggest ever gathering by PTM in Waziristan is being held in series of such rallies by Pashtuns in tribal areas in recent few years, who are mostly demanding justice for Pashtuns, who are oppressed for years by Pakistani State, particularly its military establishment.

The gatherings also ask justice for tens of thousands of those Pashtuns men who have been kidnapped and disappeared by Pakistani military in the past few decades.

But such peaceful rallies have faced strong reactions from Pakistani military, who in several attempts of arrests and kidnapping of the leaders of the movement, tried to silence the voice of this peaceful movement and in a few cases has even mysteriously killed some members of this group as well. 

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