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Qalamudin calls on Taliban to step up for ceasefire

“Peace is important than election”

By Farhad Naibkhel

KABUL: The former Taliban member on Saturday called on their ex-comrades to node for ceasefire in a bid to facilitate the ongoing peace talks that had recently concluded after 16 days of talks with US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad.

Leader of Harkat Islamic Party, and the Taliban’s exe-deputy for Vice and Virtue Ministry Mawlawi Qalamudin called on Taliban to consider over ceasefire as it escalates progress in the peace negation.

Appearing in a press conference, Qalamudin expressed pleasure over progress made in talks between US envoy and Taliban, and has asked the Taliban group to show more flexibility at the doorsill of ongoing negotiation. “The group must also avoid conducting attacks that cause civilian casualties rather step up efforts for a truce to let the people live in stability.”

“We want peace, nation want peace and it is a need for men, women and children of our country.”

In regards to forthcoming presidential election set to be held on 20 July, Qalamudin said they prefer peace rather to have an election which is full of frauds.

Crisis would not be resolved through election, he said, putting peace as the only alternative to end all challenges gripping the country.

When peace prevails, it gives upper hand to hold fair, free and transparent election across the country, he added.

According to him, the government must not attempt to create challenges ahead of peace, and also refrain from false propaganda against the peace efforts.

There is consensus among people and political figures and parties for peace, he said,lamenting that at this important period, the government want to create challenges ahead of the process.

“On daily basis over 300 people have been killed in different parts of the country, thus the government leaders must support peace process and do not sacrifice people for protecting their power and positions,” he insisted.

Management Head of Harakat Islamic Party in eastern Zone, Mawlana Mohammad Sadiq said they want peace because it is the willing of the nation. “We praise those people who want peace and condemn each act against it.”

He called on the nation to be united and support the peace process in order to have long-term stability.

The collective voice for peace have gained momentum, especial after US and Taliban negotiating team made progress on counterterrorism, troop’s withdrawal and some other issues after 16 consecutive days of extensive discussion in Qatar that ended last week.

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