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Qargha Lake, a transcendental beauty of nature

By Farhad Naibkhel-Qargha Lake is located nine kilometers from Kabul City. The area is surrounded by green hills. This is one of the best place for sightseeing and entertainment especially for families.

From March till end of October, Qargha attracts hundreds of local and foreign tourists. Everyday scores of people go for picnic to Qargha Lake, but it becomes a very busy place Thursday and Friday.

This place holds transcendental beauty for nature lovers, families and those who want to enjoy picnic. It lies in near to the Paghman valley in the lap of green hills.

It is very calm and serene. It gives visitors a luxury relaxation particularly during evening.

Qargha Lake had less facilities during the Taliban regime, because families were afraid of going outside for picnic. After collapse of the regime, Qargha regained its historical place among people. I has become as a favorite sightseeing destination, not only for residents of Kabul City, but for all Afghans.

Those Afghans who come from provinces or foreign countries impatiently wait to be invited by friends and relatives to Qargha for hospitality. Many shops, cafes, cottages and small restaurant were built in the area in the past ten years.

Despite rehabilitation, still many shortages and lack of facilities can be seen.

It is required of the government to provide further facilities of toilets, drinking water and also make proper trail for the tourists and families which will not only boost tourism but will also help local shopkeepers for more incomes.

Security is good in the area. Families can go for picnic during day and night without fearing.

Qaragha Lake has facility of paddle ride boat, electronic cradle and other instruments for children and families.

Those who like to swim, Qargha Lake is a great option in a fairly large, clean-enough area.

Among the visitors were some people who told this scribe that they wanted to escape the mundane life and spend some time amid nature and serenity.

“After hard working in a war-hit country we have the sense to take shelter from the busy life, and go to some place which gives us the inner satisfaction,” said Ahamad Najeeb, a government employee.

He said that he find solace and spirituality which he need the most in Qargha area, adding that “the natural beauty of Qargha is incredible.” “I came along with my friends to Qargha Lake. The view here is excellent and with its rides and shops I could imagine it being a great place for families to come on weekend,” he beamed. He continued that he is visiting Qargha Lake regularly as there are bunch of things to do and enjoy such as riding horse, boating, and local foods, besides other recreational things. Its peaceful place with reasonable security, which gives you sense of peace.

Another visitor, Mahmood, said they were amazed by the very first scene of the gorgeous lake. He said that this is really a beautiful and stunning lake giving an exhilarating view. The lake is calm and serene but mysterious and striking. “I feel like I am in paradise.”

However, there are some spots which are filled with garbage. A team of municipality shall be directed to keep the area clean and green. Most of visitors were complaining about trashes and lack of enough trees.

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