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A distraught man is carried following a suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017. Authorities say attackers stormed the Shiite Muslim cultural center in the Afghan capital Kabul, setting off multiple bombs and killing dozens. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

Ramadan should be a good enough reason for ceasefire; 43 Civilians Killed in Its First 10 Days

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KABUL: Violence has stayed unabated in Afghanistan; 43 civilians have been killed with 73 wounded in the fighting during first 10 days of Ramadan.

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission in a special report revealed on Thursday that 43 civilians – three women and two infants included – have been killed in roadside bombs, killings, and terrorist, rocket and suicide attacks in the first 10 days of Ramadan month.

The report puts the number of the wounded at 73 including 19 women and 18 children. Total civilian casualty toll stands at 116. The fatalities and casualties have been reported in Kabul, Ghazni, Logar, Kandahar, Paktia and Helmand provinces.

Taliban militants are responsible for 68 casualties including 29 deaths and 39 wounded. The government forces are responsible for a death and 15 casualties. Other unknown factors are responsible for 13 deaths and 19 casualties.

An agreement between the Taliban and the United States is being executed; the Afghan government is releasing Taliban prisoners and the U.S. has already embarked on its withdrawal of the remaining 14,000 American troops and their NATO partners. And a long overdue intra-Afghan negotiation between Kabul and Taliban is due soon.

But the violence has not subsided even in Ramadan as both sides in the war try to turn battlefield blows into gains in negotiations over the country’s political future.

The independent human rights commission has voiced worries about violation of international human rights and an increasing civilian fatalities. It urged all the opposing and warring sides to halt the fighting and embrace a ceasefire.

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