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Rana Think Tank; Flawed election outcome is as dangerous as ‘a parallel state’

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KABUL: There exists an overriding conviction among statesmen and political pundits that an election outcome riddled with fraud is as preposterously dangerous as a looming threat of forging a parallel state – amid dissident arising from jousting for power.

Ex spymaster and presidential candidate, Rahmatullah Nabil, in a recent session of Rana think tank alluded to the imminent perils of a political unrest that could potentially emanate from acrimony over contested elections.

He stated that warnings and homilies of presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah’s allies is a harbinger of an impending turmoil, believing that an election outcome plagued with fraud and cheating will prove as precarious and dangerous as those overt threats of forming a parallel government.

Regarding peace, Nabil underlined a need ever galloping to mobilize efforts and reach consensus to build durable peace as a means to rectify challenges haunting Afghanistan. “Peace comes at a price,” Nabil hinted while urging all warring factions and stakeholders to render sacrifices to attain and sustain peace.

On the ongoing negotiations between Americans and Taliban in Qatar – which has so far given rise to a peace agreement between the two, Nabil said this chance should be taken for granted and the most moderate way be sought to lead it towards an utter success.

“Intra-Afghan talks must be led and owned by the Afghans so as to explore solutions from the nation’s perspective and to the nation’s benefit,” he said.  Nabil said that a national consensus signifying the entirety of the Afghan nation should be reached and ‘one powerful voice’ represents the Afghan nation in the negotiating table with the Taliban.

The Afghan nation is desperate for peace as decades of fighting has exhausted and agonized the people with hundreds of thousands killed, wounded, disabled, orphaned, widowed. At Rana think tank, other political pundits pointed to four decades of bloodshed and conflict in Afghanistan arguing that the outcome of the wars has been destruction and bloodshed. They believed that peace is built upon sacrifices to be given by the Afghan government and the Taliban militants.

Peace activist and ex-chief of Independent Commission for Overseeing Implementation of the Constitution, Gul Rahman Qazi, also talked on the occasion and underscored the significance of a structure for a national consensus to pursue and steer peace talks toward a good outcome.

“A national consensus that is legitimate and acceptable for all. And we should neither miss this grand chance nor waste any more time,” he insited.

Fortunately the political and tribal elders had drawn attention how to rescue this country from challenges, so it requires to create a consensus to be acceptable for all Afghans in a bid to have a good result.   

All must put aside personal and partisan interests and work for national interest and give a guarantee for Afghans that they won’t be sacrificed of conflict anymore, he mentioned.

Flame of war and conflict will burn everyone, but peace will be with the benefit of all Afghans, so all must work sincerely in the frame of a national consensus to reach a durable peace, he said.  

Number of other participants in the Rana Think Tank said that each side and country in peace process will seek their own interest, so “we” must not left the ground “we” need to be smarter to use the opportunity for our own interest. They believed that all Afghans must be unified and accept each other to have a peaceful and prosperous country. Boosting up unity among Afghan nation is the only way cope with current issues and reach a sustainable peace.

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