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Renowned Pashtun poet Kamil Mohmand remembered

AT-KABUL: The 100th birth anniversary of renewed Pashtun poet and scholar, Dost Mohammad Kamil Mohmand, was commemorated here in Kabul on Saturday. The seminary was organized by Khushal Cultural Center (KCC), where tens of scholars, poets, writers, and lecturers from different academic centers held an academic and literary seminar about literary work of Kamil Mohmand.

They participants called Mohmand as the contemporary literary and researcher in the history of Pashto language and also shared research papers and poems in his memory.

A Kabul University Lecturer, Zalmai Hewadmal, called Mohmand as a perfect researcher of Pashto literature and said that he observed all writing standards and principles in his scientific works.

“Mohmand was the first researcher in Pashto language. He always used credible resources in his scientific works,” he said.

“Mohmand gave us a message of peace, unity and mutual respect through his scientific works,” he said.

He added that Mohmand was a prolific researcher who avoided series of controversies, and his scientific research shed light on the need of establishing peace and putting an end to the war.

Rahnaward Zaryab, a member of KCC, said that the government in the last 15 years failed to gain considerable achievements in the area of culture and literature promotion.

“In my opinion, the government had paid no heed to the importance of culture and scientific works. Our scholars seriously lacking support, and that’s why their role in the society was very rare to see,” he said.

He called on the scholars and literary figures to work hard for strengthening of the national unity, peace and also to encourage people to maintain solidarity in their scientific works.

Another participant of the seminary, Nasrullah Nasir, said that Mohmand was the first Pashto scholar, who conducted a scientific study on the work of Khushal Khan Khattak.

“Mohmand wrote important and comprehensive books in different aspects in five languages, including English,” he said.

“He wrote some of his books in English language to tell the world about Afghan culture and literature,” he added

He said that Mohmand wrote hundreds of research papers and poems, touching different topics. “Mohmand was the first poet and scholar, who conducted extensive research on the life of Pukhtun heroes.”

In the seminar, large number of poets and scientists asked the government to reprint Mohmand’s scientific works, so the people would benefit from his researches.

Dost Mohammad Kamil Mohmand was born in 1915 in Peshawar. After protracted illness, he died in 1981.

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