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‘Rigged election results not acceptable’

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KABUL: The results of the complex Afghan 28th September elections is still at doldrums, and the “Stability and Partnership”, electoral team, led by Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah has warned that it would not accept the “rigged” decision of the electoral commissions regarding the final results.

Talking to a news conference in Kabul, a tope member of Abdullah’s campaign team, Fazal Ahmad Manawi reacted on the votes auditing process, terming it in complete contrast with the law. According to him, there is no measure in the election law about special auditing process.

Manawi has expressed frustration over the process, saying that the Independent Election Commission has launched the auditing process with the absence of electoral observers. He once again rejected the non-biometric votes that had been used out of the exact time.

“We are worried about either of the electoral commissions as the IEC has been making selective decisions.”

If the election commissions did meet their wishes, the electoral team has warned of its extraction from the ongoing election process.

“Any possible option is on the table, if a scenario similar to the 2014 election is going to be repeated, we will stand against it by any mean,” Manawi added.

The Afghanistan Presidential Polls were conducted on September 28th of last year. After a long time delay, the IEC had announced the preliminary results, in which Incumbent President Ashraf Ghani has won the rivalry with securing around 50+1 votes. But, according to some electoral officials, there is possibility of run off in the competition between Ghani and Abdullah, as thousands of votes may be declared invalid, as a result of IECC’s auditing process.

Earlier, the IECC has sent 10 percent of 300,000 votes to a special probing process to declare the fate of these votes – which are claimed by Abdullah’s supporters, to be casted illegally.

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