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The role of education in Afghanistan

By Mujtaba Qasim Khan-As far as my views are concerned on the role of education in Afghanistan, Education is a weapon for every difficult war through which we bring triumphant and an immense victory towards the country. Furthermore, education is not only weapon for the country, but also as mentioned it is a vast victory for the country. Hereby, I have selected this article to be read in order to take advantages from its opinions. Here we go, that what is the role of education in Afghanistan? And what is the importance of Education?

We know better that the role of education is merely important for Afghanistan that is why; what are the challenges for our country first, achievement of peace while the second achievement is education for our land. For instance, for mother the first happiness is her child and the second happiness is to be grown and get his/her education. Therefore, the land also likes a mother and we have to complete its desire. Additionally, education can bring prosperity and unity over the land and make us eligible to different kinds of activities. For instance, it can make us in economy and impacts us in a positive way that can change our beloved land both socially and officially. Inauspiciously, in Afghanistan there is nobody to admit the role of education and they don’t have comprehensibility to bring and to get education particularly, in region places that there are no facilities and no one is facilitated in our land so what is the problem for that?

Over the past four decades, Afghanistan is suffered in hot and warm war which is still struggling to withdraw these situations, but auspiciously from 2013 it is going very well rather than four decades, and the government is brushed up by many countries. Particularly, the range of education is increased in Afghanistan most of the people are getting a higher education from foreign countries and there are great facilities for this generation. Particularly the government is linked with foreign countries i.e sends scholarships and sends us for education to get broadly. Therefore, we people demand from the government to bring more changes in our country and not only they should be considerable within these facilitation, but also  there should be more focuses over education in order to, enable us for good opportunities and make us well-being towards our special goals. Besides this, the government has to bring prosperity that is merely important beyond the land. Fortunately, in a recent days Afghanistan is becoming better and better in education. In every year we have a large number of bachelor graduates from Private and Government Universities in addition, from abroad as well. Here, I will discuss about the importance of education in Afghanistan.

Upon discussing about the role of education in Afghanistan, in above examples mentioned obviously that is education is a weapon for every land. I must state that education has significant importance in life of mankind through which it gives enough power to the land. For instance, if there is no importance of education in the country, so the land will face negative consequences both in social and official life. Furthermore, It will give us endless grieves towards our life and everywhere we will have incomprehensibility upon life unless, we will have a bright and shiny life towards our goals and purposes. Indeed, Islam stated and there is a prophet’s Hadith about education: says that education is acceptable upon every Muslim and Muslima. Meant, that it’s not only for man but also for woman. Therefore, we have to obey our beloved prophet and his lovely Hadith which is for education. Moreover, our sacred prophet and Islam approved the importance of education and we are supposed to approve them by honor and dignity.

Lost but not least, education can enable our life that is not only enabling our life, but also it can spread us gloriously and elatedly towards the word-wide. Moreover, education can impact us positively towards the nation and it avoids us from battle and war which are the main infectious impactions. Additionally, education spreads us with lots of endeavors and make us for outstanding goals hence, we demand from government to bring prosperity and provide good facilities for education in order to obtain every man and woman which is quite important for them and the government should consider for education. For instance, they should build schools, college, institutions and universities, particularly, in region that is merely significant for new generation. If Allah is willing education will spread in our beloved country and one day will come we will withdraw enmity and we will be united.

The writer is an EFL/ESL Instructor at Kabul English Language and Computer Center, he is recently graduated from 12th Class, he is keen to write ideas and share with people to take some advantages.

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