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US and its allies are against the stability of Afghanistan, says Russia

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Kabul: The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, referring to the recent ISIS attack on the Russian embassy in Kabul, said in a statement: The emerging developments in the direction of normalizing the situation in Afghanistan are clearly not pleasing to the United States and its allies.

Referring to the US-led coalition’s attack on Afghanistan and the result of their 20-year military presence in Afghanistan, the statement adds: the long-term presence of Western countries in Afghanistan only led to the destruction of the economy, degeneration in the security sector, and creating a platform for the growth of extremism.

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service further stated that “in the framework of the global confrontation with Russia, the West seeks to prevent the strengthening of the position and influence of our country in Afghanistan.”

The statement adds: The result of Western countries’ refusal to coordinate international cooperation in the fight against extremism has been the increase in terrorist activities in Afghanistan.

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service continued by emphasizing the need for joint action against terrorism and refraining from double dealing with this phenomenon: success in the fight against terrorism is impossible without the joint efforts of all countries.

Flirting with extremists will inevitably lead to increased international security threats and new terrorist attacks.

Earlier, China also accused the US of killing more than 50,000 civilians in Afghanistan.

Claiming the killing of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the head of the Al-Qaeda network in Kabul and the flight of American drones in Afghanistan’s airspace, Taliban called it a clear violation of Afghanistan’s territory and have repeatedly asked the United States to stay committed on Afghanistan’s stability and national sovereignty.

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