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Russia signals readiness to invest in Afghanistan

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KABUL – In a new pivotal development, Russia has expressed its readiness to inject capital into a spectrum of sectors including energy and agriculture in Afghanistan.

A Russian business delegation on Tuesday met with Taliban’s Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Mawlawi Qudratullah Jamal and revealed Moscow’s intent to invest and engage in investments in electricity, agriculture, and public utility ventures across Afghanistan.

Official sources in the ministry said Mawlawi Jamal held dialogues with the Russian delegation, marking a substantial step towards bolstering bilateral trade ties.

The visiting delegation proposed bilateral trade offices to be established in Russia and Afghanistan in a bid to facilitate seamless exports of commercial commodities between the two nations.

This follows earlier instances of other nations expressing interest in Afghanistan’s commercial landscape. Last week, Kazakhstan signed a series of agreements worth $190 million with Taliban authorities. China has also recently solidified its involvement in Afghanistan by entering into a 25-year accord with Kabul for the extraction of oil from several reserves.

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