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Saleh severely criticized for his provocative remarks

Narrative of Taliban, Daesh’s killing of Shia Muslims from a high-ranking government official exacerbates atmosphere of psychological insecurity against the Shia community, a Shia leader say

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KABUL: Mohammad Mahaqiq, the leader of Hezb-e-Wahdat Islami and Shah Hussain Murtazawi, President Ashraf Ghani’s aid have reacted over remarks made by the First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh on Saturday as he warned that IS-K, also known as Daesh extremist group and the Taliban have threatening to turn Kabul city into a “slaughterhouse” for Shia Muslims.

Officials must act responsibly while leaking or sharing sensitive information, Mahaqiq wrote in his facebook page. “Narrative of the Taliban’s killing of Shia Muslim from a high-ranking government official exacerbates the atmosphere of psychological insecurity against the Shia community,” he added.

President Ghani’s senior advisor, Murtazawi also took to social media to criticize Mr. Saleh for his remark.

Murtazawi called on the VP to responsibly provide statements and don’t spread fear among the people. The Taliban and Daesh, according to Murtazawi are both the enemies of humanity and Afghanistan.

“We should not provoke fear among Shias in our reporting, our method of informing should be professional, and we should not help our enemies in their mental war,” he added.

As part of his 06:30 regular morning session, First Vice President Saleh on Saturday said that the Taliban and Daesh opposed the execution of their prisoners, warning that the groups would turn Kabul into a Shia “slaughterhouse” if their prisoner were executed.

“Daesh and Taliban have warned us in a written message that if one of their prisoners is being executed, they will turn Kabul into a Shia “slaughterhouse” and simultaneously they have said that they will behead their hostages,” he added.

 “We should be careful of social situation and should not think of incorrect issues,” Mr. Mahqiq said.

He urged the judicial system to escalate the prosecution process of the detainees who are sentenced to death on charge of their involvement in deadly attacks in the country. According to Saleh, the perpetrators should be prosecuted in public.

Both the Taliban and Daesh are active in Afghanistan, and carried out several deadly attacks across the country, in which hundreds of innocent civilians were killed and wounded.

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