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Amrullah Saleh (ehem. Leiter des National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan)

Saleh: Taliban can’t seize power

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KABUL: In the light of worsening security and advances Taliban are trumpeting, First Vice President is trying to assuage growing public fears, saying that the resurgent Taliban are “never able to occupy Afghanistan and seize power”.

“I see a great and historic opportunity for unity. Every single community from all corners of the country asks Kabul for deployment of the army and commandos. This shows thirst for institutions and rule of law as people reject factionalism,” Amrullah Saleh tweeted on Sunday.

“Talibs won’t be able to take Afghanistan or rule, never,” said Saleh intently.

The Taliban have taken control of a constellation of districts centers, and Afghan government says security forces have made “tactical retreats” to prevent civilian casualties.

Spokesman to Interior Ministry, Tariq Arian, has said Afghan troops were temporarily relocating from one point to another, and “that did not mean defeat”.

“Taliban are not able to keep any district, nor do they have the ability to use the vehicles they seize in the battlefield,” he said in a statement.

“They have no place amongst Afghan people, and the displacement of thousands of people from areas controlled by the Taliban puts the seal on this overarching reality,” he said.

Interior Ministry has said a pro-government uprising in support of the Afghan military against the Taliban has led to the liberation of several districts.

The ministry’s announcement echoed vice president Ahmad Zia Massoud’s recent remarks that the government alone cannot control the situation in the country.

In a Facebook post, Massoud suggested the government immediately set up an emergency council of prominent military figures and political leaders to control the situation.

“This council should have the necessary executive powers; otherwise, every day we will see more districts fall to the Taliban,” Massoud said.

Taliban are claiming to have captured nearly 80 districts, an allegation the government has denied outright.

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