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Senate blames US for terrorism in Afghanistan

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: Meshrano Jirga on Tuesday alleged the United States of supporting terrorism in Afghanistan despite calling itself a belligerent force against terrorism and an ally of the war-hit Afghanistan.

The senators said that the US was supporting Pakistan which is fueling insurgency in Afghanistan. They said that Washington’s assistance to Islamabad means supporting terrorism indirectly in Afghanistan.

Chief of the Defense Committee (DC) of the Meshrano Jirga (MJ), Nadir Baloch, said that the US is not sincere in bringing peace and security to Afghanistan because Washington has recently provided $280 million to Pakistan in assistance, despite the fact that Islamabad is supporting terrorism and is an enemy of Afghanistan.

“Therefore, it is an issue of concern for Afghans. The United States claim supporting Afghanistan but provide assistance to Pakistan. It shows that the US is insincere and do not want to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan,” he said.

Commending the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) for their bravery and readiness to respond quickly to the insurgent attacks, Baloch said that security forces were able to thwart the Taliban’s plans.

Nisar Haris, a member of the International Relations Committee (IRC) of the MJ said that the US Embassy in Kabul has recently warned residents of Kabul through text messages that the Taliban had planned attacks on the capital.

“The US Embassy is acting like a state within a state. If the US has information about the possible Taliban attacks on Kabul then why the information was not shared with the Afghan government and security agencies. Therefore, it means that the US is engaged in organizing such terror attacks on Kabul,” said Haris.

He said that the US is playing role of a government in Afghanistan, creating concerns among residents of Kabul.

The senator said that ANSF was ready to repel terrorist attacks and prevent the cities from falling to insurgents as they proved in Kunduz.

It is pertinent to mention here that the US has warned its citizens in Afghanistan.

Juma Din Gianwal, a senator from Paktika, also criticized the international community, particularly the US. He said that they are not honest with Afghans. The senator said that Daesh was established in Afghanistan by the US, Britain and Pakistan.

He said that if the international community had been sincere then the Taliban would have not been able to launch large-scale attacks and increase insecurity.

He said that Russia should be asked to equip the Afghan security forces to defend the country as the US and British governments are not sincere.

Chairman of the Meshrano Jirga, Fazal Hadi Muslimyar, termed the US embassy’s warning as propaganda aimed to support the Taliban. He said none is authorized to give such warnings to Afghans even the ministers and legislators. “Those who are giving such warnings are our enemies.”

Spokesman of Ministry of Interior (MoI) Siddiq Siddiqi told media the other day that security forces were on high alert to prevent terrorists from attacking the offices of international organizations, including the UN bodies.

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