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Senators accuse US of betraying Afghanistan

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: Amidst deteriorating security situation, senators on Sunday accused the US of betraying Afghanistan and violating the bilateral security agreement (BSA) which was signed between Kabul and Washington in September 30, 2014—a day after the formation of the National Unity Government (NUG).

They said the security deal increased insecurity in the country; while it was expected to boost up security situation countrywide. They alleged that the US has deceived Kabul under the pretext of signing the BSA and it has not implemented the security agreement.

“The United States has deceived the entire Islam world and is playing double game with Afghanistan. It has not implemented the BSA,” said senator Nisar Haris. “The National Unity Government (NUG) leaders should discuss the issue with each other and make the US to implement the security agreement,” he suggested.

Muhayuddin Munsif, a senator from Kapisa, said the BSA has not put any positive impact on security situation in the country, adding that Washington should support the Afghan security forces based on the agreement.  He suggested that former mujahedeen figures should be hired in security forces lines as they are experienced in military affairs.

Another senator, Hasibullah Kalimzai, said the US has established the Daesh (ISIS) militant group to fuel insecurity in parts of the world, including Afghanistan. “The BSA has no value while insecurity is surging in the country,” he stated.

He said the US should leave Afghanistan if it is not interested to implement the security deal, adding that Washington must equip and support the security forces, as mentioned in the BSA.

Supporting views of his colleagues, Senator Shir Mohammad Akhundzada, said Washington is plotting against Kabul as it fuels insecurity in the country aimed at implementing its own goals. “The US wants to establish a federal system in the country,” he added.

Rising the same criticism, Gulalai Akbari a senator from Badakhshan, said the security agreement was signed to bring security and stability in the country but this did not happen and instead Afghanistan is witnessing several deadly attacks by the Taliban and other militant groups.

She said the lawmakers passed the BSA with the hope that will bring security in the country but the agreement was not proved vital therefore the US should brief the Afghan parliamentarians in this regard.

“Signing of the BSA does not mean to witness deteriorated security situation only in nine northern provinces while once they were most secure provinces in the country,” said Afzal Shamil, a senator from Takhar.

Senator Gul Mohammad said that heavy clashes are ongoing in eight districts of northern Faryab province for past several days. He added that almost 400 families of Uzbek and Chechens have settled in some areas of the province near border of Turkmenistan and have established a market there. “All the northern provinces will turn insecure if the government remained reluctant in this regard,” he said.

In the meantime, a number of senators blamed some high ranking officials and regional and other countries’ spy agencies for having hand in mounting insecurity in the country.

Abdul Wadood Paiman, an MP from Kunduz, claimed a number of high ranking officials including the governor of Kunduz have paved the ground for collapse of the province at hands of the Taliban.

“There are a number of figures inside the National Security Council that have links with the Taliban. The figures delay transferring of equipments to the security forces in a bid to pave the ground for the Taliban militants to move forward take control of some areas in the province,” he claimed.

Paiman accused Omar Safi the Kunduz governor and commander of 202 Shaheen Corps of having links with the Taliban, and said are behind the growing insecurity in the province. “Several security forces have left their check points in Kunduz after they were not supported by the government. The fighting is ongoing only three kilometers far from the central city,” he said.

He said security will not be established in Kunduz until the governor and the commander are removed.

It comes as Kunduz governor has rejected the allegations and has said that they security forces have retreated tactically in a bid to wait for fresh troops.

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