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Senators call on Taliban to join in peace talks

AT-KABUL: Senators announced their support for the recent peace proposal of President Ashraf Ghani to the Taliban over peace talks.

President Ghani said last week that his administration was ready to have unconditional talks with the Taliban representatives. He said that the talks could take place everywhere inside the country or in abroad.

Senators said that Ghani offered a comprehensive suggestion to the Taliban and the group has no excuse now to continue war. They asked the Taliban to say ‘yes’ to the government’s demand.

“We support the president’s peace suggestion and we hope that Taliban also support this for the people’s sake. We hope that Taliban reach a positive consequence with the government,” said Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, head of the senate.

Ghani said that if Taliban join the peace process, the group would be recognized as a political party and their prisoners would be freed from government detention.

The US has also asked the Taliban to accept the peace program and put an end to the war. Washington asks Taliban to mull over Ghani’s peace suggestion.

But Taliban insist on holding talks with the United States

“President Ghani’s suggestion is a comprehensive plan. This is not the thing that Taliban can criticize. Though the group is yet to officially answer to the suggestion and we hope it think and consult over the peace suggestion and give a positive answer,” senator, Hanif Hanifi said.

Abdullah Qarloq, another senator said that the US should pressure on Taliban if the group remains against the peace process.

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