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Senior Jamiat leader reports of impasse in govt talks

AT-KABUL: A senior leader of the Jamiat party said Sunday that negotiations with the government over the resignation of Balkh governor faced impasse.

“The two sides are not satisfied with the negotiations,” said Ismael Khan.

He added that the government refused Jamiat’s seven-article suggestion. “Jamiat is insisting that Ata should remain as the governor of Balkh, but the government does not want that.”

Khan said that the deadlock did not mean the end of negotiations and the two sides were persisting for their viewpoints.

He said that he was not sure if the government accepts Jamiat’s suggestions, thus, Ata would remain as Balkh governor.

Khan’s statement comes as the government denies any negotiations with the Jamiat party over Ata’s dismissal, while Jamiat sources said that the two sides talks seven times in the foreign ministry.

Rahmatullah Fetrat, spokesman for Mohammad Dawood, the newly-appointed governor for Balkh also admitted that the talks were deadlocked.

“The talks are still in impasse and let’s wait what are the government’s next decisions.”

The government says Ata is no more governor for Balkh and documents with his signature would be no longer valid

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