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‘Silence is betrayal; I object’

Rangin Dadfar Spanta-KABUL: When Donald Trump was elected as president of United States, many politicians and intellectuals around the world were shocked. Western political circles, who considered themselves liberal and libertarian for several reason was opposed of his elects. But the fact is that Mr. Trump was headed as political leverage of the most powerful country in the world and critics that had captivated themselves that Trump through his joking speeches will create a fun opportunity from one side for those intellectuals who are expired now.

From other side scattered groups like women’s movements, civil right partials and the environment movements as well as those who want same rights for the homosexuals would be provoked against him and finally had changed to an element of unification. The things that was given less attention is the inherent logic that comes out from structures of powerful governments universally and ability of civil society in these countries that created by sections not by human choice.

Such expression from the justice system of the United States and its strong civil society movements in areas of defending the rights and civil liberties of the people was without doubt in favor of democracy. But on other hand, “deep state’ indicated that when it comes to the interest of big government even the president “isolation” opposing of launching wars in different regions, is behaving like neither complex structures of the power tells anything and also not in other ways. Everyone knows that firing 59 rockets on a military base in Syria is of utmost strategic importance. But on the other hand, it embedded message for those sitting in Moscow and Beijing.

The United States is not only the greatest military and economic power in the human history, but still, the process of losing its premier position in global power has been revealed. At somehow, this country is now ready to use military force to keep its position. Maybe, some analysts believe that these military actions are more typical to escape war, but victim of such military actions are the people of the backward countries, which for centuries have not be able to rid themselves of their autarchy and misery and join to the convey of human civilization.

Along with leaders of some countries in West and Asia welcomed military action of the US president, in which an event took place that shaken the conscience of very anti-war human. The US air forces have dropped 11 tons bomb on Daesh hideouts in Achin district of Nangarhar province.

This “mother of all bombs” and the most powerful conventional bomb in the world that has caused to the destruction and killing of many. In Afghanistan our Afghan authorities have welcomed the move. It is true using violence and coercive fore is inevitable in war, but civilized humanity with learning of indiscriminate killings was forced to set up a series of rules and principles in order to reduce indiscriminate violence in the wars. Protection of civilian life, protect the environment, avoiding the destruction of farms, frosts, etc are among measure of human laws conventions.

The appropriateness of the use of forces and avoid the use of weapons of mass destruction are included in these measures.

Pro-democracy government, human rights activities, and the defender of the environment should never place terrorist and war criminals on a moral level.

The content of bomb that has been dropped by US forces in Achin is equal to 8500 kilograms of explosives that its destructive power is equivalent to eleven thousands tons of ‘TNT’ type of explosives. This bomb is nine meter long and has a diameter of one meter and three centimeters.

This bomb controls by GPS, and has the ability to hit the target accurately. On the eve of United Stated invaded Iraq, because the Iraqi army had hideouts and widespread shelters, the American engineers invented this bomb to break the bunkers. In Afghanistan, according to US forces claim, used against underground networks of Daesh terrorists. During examination of this bomb in Florida showed that dust resulting from the explosion of the bomb could go three thousand meter high and also visible from a distance of forty kilometers. US president during his presidential campaign he had a slogan which saying, “Daesh should be taken out by bomb. Initial reports are indicated that around 90 Daesh fighters were killed in the bombing. None talked about civilian casualties yet.

Local resident in a telephonic conversation said that Afghan forces moved several kilometers away, and to prevent ear damages, they were distributed tools need to ward off ears. Military experts know that as a result of the bomb explosion all oxygen in the air is destroyed, and that’s why human lives and other livingness that needs oxygen is impossible in that area. Around 9,500 people are living in Achin district. How many people have been impacted on the bomb is not clear. The possibility of the number of civilians and animals and other livings were killed are high. The environment damage of this bomb is so far not clear.

Since yesterday, I tried to seek the views of analysts and theorist of our country in this regard. Popular television and newspaper and other like-minded liberal tendencies has welcomed the dropping of the bomb with a lot of excitement. Here I appeal that my speech is not for those people who don’t have comprehensive knowledge about brutal military of the world. My speech is for those who know but comments unlikely.

Bertolt Bercht in his book “Galileo Galilei” said “Those don’t know truth they are non-conscious, but those know the truths, but lying are criminals.” And this is point between advocate of human rights and anti-human rights.

Those in wars us coercive force with military objects and not taking humanitarian law under consideration, they are the violators of international norms, and they should called as violators.

If thousands of such bombs droops and tens of foreign forces deploy, they would not gain success, but if war strategy to be changed to target the main hideouts of the militants. War is not a choice, but a compulsion. Hence, as long as racism, discrimination, corruption and monopolies would not be ended, and till the rule of law would be applied, peace in our country would not come.

After such a horrible explosion under the pretext of damaging a few strongholds of the terrorists, several thoughts emerge. Some believe that the US wanted to send a powerful message and warning to Iran and North Korea, while others think that Trump used this bomb to say he is not a president without determination to remain neutral against the developments in this part of the world.

Whatever causes the use of bomb, there is no moral, political and military reason from Afghans’ aspect to use this horrific weapon. The people of Afghanistan have the right raise their voice of protest against this US army measure and confirming of the Afghan government by intensive reaction.

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