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Spanta accuses US of continuing Afghan war by ‘secret deals with Taliban’

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KABUL: Former Foreign Minister, Rangin Dadfar Spanta, calims that Washington was endeavoring to keep the war in Afghanistan ablaze by secret deals with Taliban.

He said in an article that the US was continuing an intelligence war in Afghanistan, a war that he called “dangerous for Afghanistan”.

He called on the Afghan politicians to avoid “peace dream” and stand firm against Washington’s intelligence presence in their country.

The former national security adviser added that peace effort was just an excuse, and the US is seeking to establish a large intelligence center and keep part of its special operational forces in Afghanistan to defend anything threatening US interests.

He claimed that the US intelligence center in Afghanistan would only empower Taliban and help Pakistan presence in the country. According to him, this would cause regional rivalries and continuing war.

The US and Taliban reached an agreement and are supposed to sign the agreement based on which, the US troops will leave Afghanistan and Taliban would guarantee not to let international terrorist groups to use Afghanistan against the security of the US and its allies in Europe.

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