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Special Forces accused of imprisoning people for ransom in Zabul

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KABUL: Members of Senate allege that the Special Forces imprison civilians in the southern province of Zabul for ransom and without any charges.

The Special Force Unity also called as the Unit 01 is part of the National Directorate of Security.

Senators said Sunday that the Special Forces release people after taking money, KabulNews reported on Sunday.

Senators also said that the Special Forces are responsible for civilian casualties in Zabul province.

They called on the government to immediately stop this “illegal” act.

Some of the members of senate criticized the US troops’ presence in Afghanistan as one of the war reasons. They claimed that the ongoing negotiations between the United States and Taliban are ambiguous.

The senators urged a nationwide ceasefire, criticizing truce between Taliban and US forces as increasing killing of Afghans.

They asked the independent election commission to announce the results of biometric-based polls as soon as possible and end a national uncertainty.

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