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Stickers on copy ID cards cause fraud: Electoral monitors

AT-KABUL: The electoral watchdogs believe that stickers on the copy of ID cards of the voters would not solve problems, but even cause fraud.

Yousuf Rashid, head of Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA), said Saturday that one person could vote through different centers with sticker on his/her ID card.

“This decision has raised concerns over more fraud in the election. If there is more fraud in this election, people will completely lose trust to the election,” Rashid said, emphasizing that the election commission must hold a mechanism to prevent fraud.

“An information bank and serious monitoring can meet the people’s concerns over fraud.”

Meanwhile, people are worried about their security particularly in the rural areas where Taliban have active presence, as the insurgents have said they would punish people that vote in the election.

The parliamentary election is set to be launched in October.

Security threats will put a negative impact on the people’s turnout in election. The number of people that have registered is called not enough both by government and watchdog organizations.

The voter registration process that was for one month, has been extended for a second month.

Some members of parliament are also against the stickers on the voters’ ID cards. “This means that we will have an election full of fraud. With the stickers on the ID cards, one person can register in tens of centers,” lawmaker, Abdul Qader Zazai Watandost said.

Another lawmaker, Fakoori Beheshti says that an information bank should be formed to prevent electoral frauds.

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