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Study finds Afghanistan second worst country in rule of law

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: A new study by a US-based non-profit organization reveals Afghanistan as the second worst country in rule of law after Venezuela among 102 countries.

World Justice Project (WJP) which aims to advance rule of law around the world released the index on Tuesday which was prepared based on responses from 1,000 people in each country and a total of 2,400 experts on how ordinary people see rule of law in their country.
The report also says that Afghanistan is placed in the last position in regional level ranking.

The survey was based on 44 indicators under eight categories which are constraints on government power, absence of corruption, open government, fundamental rights, order and security, civil justice, criminal justice and informal justice.
In corruption, Afghanistan is ranked 102nd, the worst country according to WJP report. The judicial sector of the country is shown as the second worst sector, ranked 101 followed by criminal justice which is ranked 100 in the list.
“The rule of law is not the rule of lawyers and judges; all elements of society are stakeholders,” the report said. “It is our hope that, over time, this diagnostic tool will help identify strengths and weaknesses in each country under review and encourage policy choices that strength the rule of law.”

WJP executive director, Juan Carlos Botero, highlighted that the study could help countries produce their own indicators on these issues.
“As countries measure economic indicators and health indicators with certain levels of uniformity, they should be able to measure justice and corruption and governance in the same way,” Botero said.

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