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Tajikistan rejects asylum of Afghans who worked with US

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KABUL: Tajikistan has said it would expel those Afghan refugees who had been working with the US military and other institutions in the past.

Tajik Foreign Minister, Sirojiddin Muhriddin, said Tuesday that they wouldn’t assess asylum of those Afghans who had worked previously with the US military and other institutions.

Thousands of Afghans previously working with the American forces and civilian workers are now worried about their security, saying their lives are threatened by Taliban and demand a speedy evacuation by the United States.

The US has promised to take the Afghans who had worked with them to America. Most of Afghans were interpreters to the US forces but a great number have also worked in other posts such as driver, cook, cleaner and guard.

The Biden administration called on Central Asian states to temporarily host them until their visa process is under work.

Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and Britain have also promised to take their former Afghan colleagues out of the war-hit country soon, while a number of them along with their families have been taken to the host countries.

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