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Taliban are evading peace talks, Danish

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KABUL: Vice President, Mohammad Sarwar Danesh says that Taliban militants do not accept government’s offer that the holy Koran and prophet’s Sunnah should be the base of negotiations.

Speaking at a gathering in the attorney general office, Danesh said that the government of Afghanistan has been always pioneer on the road to peace, but Taliban, according to him, have been repeatedly making excuses to escape from peace efforts.

He said that refusal of cease fire by Taliban, intensifying of war and violence as well as deadlocking of negotiations by the group, have helped Afghan government to get a better position.

The vice president said that Taliban are logically now in a defensive stance.

“Taliban delegation urges now that their peace agreement with the United States be the base of peace negotiations. But the Afghan delegation says that the holy Koran and sharia should be the base. So, Taliban ignore sharia as their slogan to just for gaining the power,” Danesh said.

Meanwhile, Massoum Stanakzai, government’s chief negotiator hoped on Twitter that the talks be based on Koran and sharia lead them to good results.

Taliban suggest that their deal with the US and the Hanafi religious jurisprudence should be the base of their negotiations with the government.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the group’s spokesman, said Saturday that the government tries to discredit their deal with the US.

The two negotiating teams didn’t have meetings in the past one week.

Danesh severely criticized those people who compare Afghanistan’s judiciary with Taliban’s approach, saying that the government didn’t punish anybody on charge of affiliation to Taliban, while the militants hold drumhead court-martial to punish helpless people just because they are government employees.

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