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Taliban are not our brothers anymore: Karzai

US, regional countries should not make Afghanistan a competitive ground; Afghans unitedly grip US neck to bring peace

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The former President Hamid Karzai on Sunday said that he would no more considers Taliban outfit as brothers. He said this in reaction to the killing of army soldiers in 209 Shaheen Military Corps in Balkh province by the Taliban insurgents. “After this attack, I can no longer call Taliban as our brothers.”

Over 138 soldiers were killed and more than 64 other were wounded in Taliban complex attack in Shaheen Military Corps in Balkh province. The attack was widely condemned.

In a press briefing, Karzai told newsmen that “those who are killing Afghans for strangers goal are terrorists, whether they are Taliban, Islamic State (IS) which also known as Daesh or other militant outfits.”According to him the killing of soldiers was an act of terrorist, and oppression for this country.

While condemning Balkh attack, he said, this attack that carried out by the Taliban was totally at favor of strangers.

He furthered, the drop of biggest non-clear bomb by US has harmed Afghans—Daesh militant gives pain, and the Taliban insurgents through this attack sustained wounds tothe hurts of Afghan people as well.

Moreover, he called on the Taliban insurgents to stop such atrocity act, and killing of Afghans under beckon of strangers, whether it’s Pakistan or the US.

While calling on the Taliban insurgents to join peace process, he said,“continuation of war, and shedding bloods in country could be taken as a tools for the presence of foreigners.”

Meanwhile, former President called on neighboring countries, and the USA not to make Afghanistan a competitive ground.

He added,“whateveris going between neighboring countries, and the US or other countries, but one thing to be noticed that they should not continue this war in Afghanistan.”

Criticizing US failure in Afghanistan, he said “in US presence we are not witnessing peace. Pakistan attacked our soil, but the US not defended, so today my request to the US is not to make Afghanistana competitive ground.”

While urging people toward unity, Karzai said that all Afghan masses must mobilize and take the neck of the US to bring peace.

Peace is in the hand of US and Pakistan, and the Afghan people are killing for the favor of foreigners, he underlined.


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