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Taliban claim roadside bomb that killed US soldier

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KABUL: The Taliban militants have claimed responsibility for a roadside bomb that killed an American service member on Monday in northern Kunduz.

The US military has confirmed that a US soldier was killed in combat but didn’t provide further details in regards.  US military statement also did not identify the soldier and the location of the combat zone, in accordance to the Defense Department’s policy.

With the lost of latest US soldier, the death number of Pentagon forces have come to at least 20 in the ongoing year – there has also been three non-combat deaths in 2019. The numbers shows that over 2, 400 American soldiers have been killed in the wake of 18 years war in Afghanistan.

Although the Taliban has been continuing the peace talks with the US diplomats in Doha, the militants still conducts daily attacks on the Afghan and US forces in several parts of Afghanistan.

The long and unstoppable conflicts in Afghanistan have inflicted massive casualties on the civilians as well. Recently UNICEF has published a report that shows over nine children die daily in Afghanistan- most of the deaths are because of ongoing conflicts in the country.     

This comes as last month two American service members were killed in a helicopter crash.

Meanwhile, the US military has so far didn’t comment about the Taliban tweet which claims the responsibility for the attack.

But there are serious concerns about the possible cancellation of peace talks between US and Taliban political officials. In September this year, the US President Donald Trump has called off the negotiation with the Taliban following a militant attack in Kabul, in which 12 people were killed including an American.

Moreover, the US peace diplomats have demanded the Taliban for a “ten day ceasefire” during the peace deal between US-Taliban.  

Kunduz is one of the insecure provinces in northern Afghanistan, where both the Taliban and the US soldiers have active presence.

Back in 2015, the provincial capital Kunduz have been collapsed to the Taliban militants however the city was retaken by the Afghan security forces after hours of clashes.

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