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Taliban dig trenches on vital highway: Faryab residents

AT News Report

KABUL: The Taliban fighters have dug trenches on road that links northern Faryab province to the adjacent Jawzjan province, making trouble for transportation, locals said.

The group has dug holes in ‘Number One Highway’, which located in the Shirin Tagab district of Faryab province. The Highway is vital connecting Maymana city, the provincial capital to Jawzjan, Balkh and eventfully to the capital Kabul.    

Mohammad Yousuf, a local taxi driver, said trenches as deep as two meters were dug in the streets. “The Taliban destroyed our roads; we are workers and use the roads.”

Local officials confirmed the Taliban dug trenches in the roads. “The Taliban have destroyed parts of roads that locals use daily,” provincial police spokesman Abdul Karim Youresh said.

He said that the Taliban destroyed the road to block the movement and the deployment of the security forces. But the Taliban neither confirmed nor rejected the destruction of the road.

Social activist in Faryab province called on the Taliban and the government forces to protect public interest projects, including roads.

The widespread battle between the Taliban and the government forces led to the destruction of roads and streets across the country. Reportedly, the Taliban dig hole in the street to plant Improvised Explosive Devices for ambushing the government forces.

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