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Taliban dismiss Iran’s claims of ISIS leaders relocating to Afghanistan

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KABUL – The Taliban have refuted statements made by Iran’s foreign minister, alleging that the leaders of the terror group Daesh have relocated to Afghanistan.

Abdul Qahar Balkhi, spokesman for the Taliban Foreign Ministry, took to Twitter to respond, saying, “If Iran has any intelligence that Daesh members have been relocated to Afghanistan, we hope they will share it so that Afghan security forces can take necessary actions.” Balkhi further urged Iranian authorities to adopt a constructive stance on economic, political, and social issues instead.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian claimed that the leaders of ISIS had been sent to Afghanistan from Iraq, Syria, and Libya in recent months.

This comes in the light of a recent statement by a Taliban official that the IS-K terrorists are planning to attack and kill Taliban leaders.

Since the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan in 2021, Daesh/ISIS has been attacking Taliban leaders and Afghan clerics as it has claimed responsibility for several attacks in the county, including many on mosques.

Unlike the Taliban, which primarily focused on establishing control over Afghanistan and implementing their version of governance, ISIS aimed to create a global caliphate and pursued a more extreme and aggressive approach. Over the years, ISIS carried out numerous attacks in Afghanistan, often targeting civilians and religious minorities, as well as engaging in direct confrontations with the Taliban. The group also claimed responsibility for attacks on mosques and religious leaders, seeking to undermine the influence of more established religious authorities in the country.

The situation became even more complicated as foreign fighters from other regions, including Iraq and Syria, joined the ranks of ISIS in Afghanistan. These individuals brought with them combat experience and a dedication to the extremist ideology, further fueling the conflict.

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