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Former Islamist warlord, Abdul Rasul Sayyaf rises his hand as he registers for the forthcoming presidential elections at the Independent Election Commission (IEC) in Kabul on October 3, 2013. A prominent former warlord with a long record of Islamist militancy entered Afghanistan's presidential election race as the field for the critical 2014 poll began to take shape. Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, whose candidacy has alarmed many Western diplomats, registered his papers at the Independent Election Commission offices in Kabul and vowed to serve the nation as NATO troops withdraw after 12 years of war. AFP PHOTO/Massoud HOSSAINI (Photo credit should read MASSOUD HOSSAINI/AFP/Getty Images)

Taliban not to tempts with fake fatwa’s: Sayyaf

‘NUG leaders must end internal rifts’

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The ongoing fighting of the Taliban insurgents is not Jihad at all, and they (Taliban) should not be tempted through fake fatwa’s, a powerful ex-Jihaid leader said on Monday.

During commemorating the 25th anniversary of Mujahedeen victory, Jihadi leader, Abdul Rab Rassoul Sayyaf called on the Taliban insurgents not to be seduced by fake fatwa’s. He urged them to stop fighting against innocent Afghan masses.

“Insurgents must not be seduced by Mufti’s and those who gives document of paradise to them. This war of the Taliban insurgents is not Jihad, it is a totally astray,” Sayyaf said.

He added that according to Islam and Hadith, those who make difficult the live of people, closing ways and harassing them, is not called Jihad.

“Currently, not only people’s live have become difficult, but their massacre is going on, thus they (militants) by practicing this evil designs should not call this as Jihad,” he added.

He further went on saying, killing of innocent people, women and children is forbidden in Islam. “Noting this, the Taliban insurgents have to end such atrocity, or at least not called their irrational war as Jihad.”

“If committing suicide through putting explosive vest was the right way, why any Mufti’s—‘who give this act legitimacy’ have not been carrying out suicide attack,” he asked.

Moreover, he urged the Taliban insurgents not to be seduced by fake fatwas, and join the Afghan-owned and Afghan-lead peace and reconciliation process.

“We support our brave Afghan security forces, as they are waging war against salve and foreigners,” he said, adding that security forces are doing Jihad at real scene.

He added, “Defending their soil from any sort of aggression is called Jihad, where security forces are doing this.”

Pointing toward rifts among the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders, Sayyaf called on the both leaders to end tensions.

He added that we are not in view for the collapse of the current system, but he warned that “if internal rifts not resolved the nation would be sinking in it.”

“NUG leaders have to revise over their cadre. Afghanistan has able-bodied figures to defend this country,” he insisted.

The ex-Jihadi leaders also criticized the neighboring countries for their interferences in the country and also for supporting to the Taliban insurgents.

“Neighboring countries must not misuse our weakness through supporting our enemies; otherwise, at the future they would pay 20 times more compensation as much as they did with us.”

He added that “we don’t seek enmity with any country,” but at the same time he asked all the neighboring countries not to misuse from current weakness and challenges.

Praising the international community’s donation and support, Sayyaf asked them to pressurize insurgents and their links to come to the table of negotiations with the government.

He furthered, “if there is no intention among international community over pressurizing militants, then they should equip the Afghan security forces with modern and heavy weapons, aimed at chasing them (militants) across the country.”




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