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Taliban overrun a district in Takhar

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KABUL: Parts of a district fell to Taliban in Takhar province after the militants attacked the areas, while representatives from the government of Afghanistan and the insurgent group are busy in the first ever negotiations to seek ways for ending the long war.

Sources in the province said Sunday on condition of anonymity that Taliban fighters managed to capture parts of the Khwaja Bahauddin district in the northeastern province of Takhar.

The militants are said to have taken control of the Laleh village, where a group of the public uprising movement, a government-funded force made of rural people to fight against Taliban, were fighting to prevent Taliban’s attacks. The group was led by Malek Ahmad Tatar, a local militia man.

Some 500 families displaced and fled to the deserts on the outskirts of the district, according to the source.

Taliban fighters have captured the Police District 1 and are getting prepared to attack the district center, according to reports.

Some 100 militia men loyal to the public uprising force have been killed in the first half of the ongoing Persian Year (March to September) in fights with Taliban in the Khwaja Bahauddin district.

Ahmad Tatar, commander of the public uprising force, says that they receive help neither from central nor from provincial authorities.

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