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Taliban to fail as usual: Army Chief

AT-KABUL: Army Chief of Staff General Qadam Shah Shaheem on Wednesday termed announcement of the Taliban spring offensive as mere propaganda and said that they group would be defeated as last years.

“Army and police forces including intelligence personals are well prepared to defend the Afghans in ever hooks of the country,” Shaheem told newsmen on Wednesday, in Kabul.

“There is no place to be concerned about Taliban’s propaganda,” he ensured the Afghan masses, adding that their enemies were defeated last year by the Afghan security forces and would also be defeated this year.

Regarding Afghan forces readiness, he said it has been around three weeks that big combat operation titled “Shafaq” is already running against insurgents across the country aimed at suppressing them.

He highlighted that currently “Shafaq” operation is going on in fifteen different provinces, in which Afghan security forces had gained great security achievements.

“Since 14-year the Taliban are announcing war against Afghan forces, but they fail as usual,” he noted.

“There is no doubt that some terrorist cluster would struggle to conduct subversive activities in different areas of the country, but they would face Afghan forces resistance,” he claimed.

However, he added that Afghan forces would exert utmost efforts to crush those groups, who are planning to conduct terrorist activities in the country.

There is good coordination among Afghan security forces and they are at full swing to defend the country, he added.

The top security official said that the government has made a five years security strategy and it would be shared with international community in Warsaw and Brussels summit in a bid to gain support, aimed at providing durable stability for the Afghans.

Hinting to the Daesh fighters in Afghanistan, he said that Daesh had sustained huge casualties during operations conducted by the Afghan security forces. “Their strongholds busted in Farah, Helmand and Nangarhar provinces,” he said referring to the losses inflicted to the Daesh group.

It is worth mentioning that Taliban on Tuesday announced start of spring offensives codenamed “Operation Omari” and warned to target foreign and Afghan forces.

Meanwhile, Deputy Presidential Spokesperson, Dawa Khan Meenpal said that this is the first time that a five years combat strategy drafted and this is a comprehensive plan as everything including combat against the enemy were also defined. “By implementation of this plan Afghanistan would be completely covered through security reinforcement process, he added.

Pointing to the peace process, he said that currently negotiation was going on with Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan (Islamic Party of Afghanistan) leading by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. “We are hopeful to reach result soon,” he said regarding peace talks.

“Peace is the need of our people, so we call on those group who wants peace, to join peace and reconciliation process, he insisted. He furthered that those group who are not shunning violence, the Afghan security forces are ready to suppress them.

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