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Taliban urge U.S. to stop interfering in Afghanistan

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KABUL: Taliban’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai on Monday urged the US to not interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, saying they are capable of making independent decisions.

Addressing a gathering on Sunday, Stanikzai said that American soldiers fled from Afghanistan in the dark of the night, referring to withdrawal of US forces in August that led to the Taliban taking control of the country.

He said that the country is independent now and that the last four months have been the first time in four decades in which Afghans are taking their decisions independently.

He said, “The enemies should not think that Afghanistan is weakened by 40 years of war as it has the ability to fight another 40 years if it has to.”

He stated that hundreds of Afghans were going to Iran every day because of economic woes, while most of them fail to cross the border or even lose their lives on their way.

He asked Afghanistan’s neighbours to help and open their borders to refugees and ease travels.

Stanikzai said that Afghan women and girls have the right to work and education, but added that Afghanistan’s culture is different from that of the West.

He admitted that solidarity among the people within the country and building relations with the world countries are two big challenges ahead of the Taliban government.

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