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Taliban use surveillance drones in Faryab

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KABUL: Foreign militants under the Taliban command are reportedly using surveillance drones in the fight against Afghan security forces in northern Faryab province, authorities said Tuesday.

The use of surveillance drones by the Taliban insurgents has spurred fears among authorities. Faryab governor Naqibullah Fayeq expressed concerns on the presence of foreign fighters among the Taliban, saying that around 200 Uzbek rebels with their families are settled in Pashtonkoot, Almar, Qaisar and Ghormach districts of the province.

Fayeq said that the Uzbek nationals have used the surveillance drones to support the Taliban in attacks on Sabza and Qaisar district of the province.

He suggested that these drones have night vision and infrared cameras, and are capable of flying for several miles.

“Other foreign fighters, who speak Arabic, Turkey, Tajikistani and Kazakhstani, are seen among the Taliban militants,” he added.

According to him, the foreign fighters in the Taliban command links to the Katiba-Al Bukhari group, led by Jummah Baye Uzbekistani.

The foreign militants are involved in roadside bombings and target attacks carry out by Snipers in Faryab.

The US-Taliban February 29th peace deal stipulated the Taliban to cut ties with other foreign terrorists in the region especially Al-Qaeda. The Taliban has committed to fight with other terrorist group and to not let Afghanistan turn into a safe haven for the terrorists to threat the US and allies.

But as the peace negotiations between the government and Taliban appear to be stuck in chaos, the group has intensified its attacks against the Afghan security forces. Afghan Officials said Saturday; the Taliban set 356 attacks, two suicide bombings 52 mine blasts across Afghanistan, in which 51 civilians were killed and 157 others wounded.

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