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‘Tashkent conference, vital for Afghan reconciliation’

AT-KABUL: The High Peace Council has welcomed the upcoming conference on Afghan peace process in Tashkent, Uzbekistan as important for the reconciliation process.

Representatives from the regional countries as well as other countries are to attend the conference, discussing solution ways for the ongoing war.

“As the Central Asian countries are concerned over the Afghan insecurity and its probable extension to those countries, they make efforts in this regard to prevent the extension of instability to their own countries. So, the conference would have a good impact,” said Hajji Din Mohammad, deputy head of the council.

The conference is set to be held in late March with the initiatives of Uzbekistan, in which representatives from Russia, China, the United States, European Union and the United Nations have been invited, according to Uzbekistan foreign minister, Aziz Kamilov.

Din Mohammad said that Uzbekistan was working to attract cooperation from the regional and world countries to the Afghan peace process so they won’t have concerns over instable Afghanistan in their neighborhood.

The Kabul Process conference is scheduled to be held on February 28 in Kabul, and foreign ministry says that all preparations for the conference had been adopted.

“Two important issues are planned to be discussed that are the government’s priorities: efforts towards peace with the support from world’s countries and organizations, the second struggle against terrorism,” said Shekib Mostaghni, foreign ministry spokesman.

Representatives from 25 countries and several international organizations will attend the Kabul Process session, which is said to aim an international consensus for the peace process.

Taliban as the main side of the conflicts, reject talks with the government of Afghanistan. The militants have called for talks with the US government, a demand refused by Washington that said in response that the side Taliban should talk with is the Afghan government.

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