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The move for California to #Calexit from the U.S. just cleared its first hurdle

You heard it time and time again during the presidential election season: If Donald Trump wins, people will move out of the country. Now, it looks like a whole state might up and create a new country.

On Thursday, California’s secretary of state gave the go-ahead to Yes California Independence Campaign to begin the process of collecting signatures necessary to get a secession initiative on the statewide 2018 ballot for a vote, the Hill reports. Trump lost California by over 4 million votes, fueling talks of a Brexit-style “Calexit.”

According to the Hill, the group needs to collect 585,407 signatures from registered voters in 180 days to get a spot on the ballot. If voters pass the initiative, a special statewide election would ask voters if they want California state to become a sovereign nation.

The state’s attorney general said if the measure passed, clauses in the state constitution that call the state “an inseparable part of the United States” would be erased, the Hill reported. The same would go for anything calling the U.S. Constitution the “supreme law of the land.”

As of right now, Californians and other Americans seemed thrilled with the prospect of California untethering itself from this American coil.

Even more excited for the secession are conservatives. The United States is still two years away from the potential loss of California. Maybe, before the two cite irreconcilable differences, the love birds can make it work — if only for the kids. (MIC)

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