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Three months after Taliban’s rule, Afghanistan on verge of collapse

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KABUL: It has been three months since the Taliban took over Afghanistan and the country is on the verge of falling apart amid devastating economic crisis and a looming humanitarian catastrophe.

Afghani currency is devaluing with every passing day. Three months ago it stood around 73 Afghanis to one U.S. dollar. Three months on, it has crumbled to around 95.

According to Mohammad Mahmood Arzoyi, Zone Deputy of Operation for the state-run bank has said there are big concerns about the Afghani’s devaluation. He said the outward transactions have stopped and transactions can take place on only a few items, and not all traders can transfer money.

Moreover, unemployment runs rampant. The vast majority of the population had been employed by the defunct Afghan National Forces, US contracting companies or international non-governmental organizations or initiatives.

Noting that the financial aid still hangs in suspension, the Australian journalist said Afghans can now access $400 per week from their bank accounts – up from the initial weeks of only $200.

And any pennies that had put away have quickly disappeared.

Retired Afghan security personnel have also seen their pensions disappear, with many old and disabled informed that the regime – which announced a general amnesty and claimed no one would be physically targeted for their past positions – cannot monetarily support traitors.

As Afghanistan is currently experiencing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, one million children are suffering from malnutrition in the country.

There are three million Afghan children suffering from different diseases among them one million who are malnourished.

Moreover, there are still 700,000 Afghan women who are suffering from malnutrition along with their children.

Earlier in the month of October, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) representative in Afghanistan Salam Al-Janabi stated that Afghanistan is currently experiencing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

Afghanistan now is amongst the world’s worst crises and the needs are growing by the day,” Sputnik quoted Al-Janabi as saying. In addition to the growing malnutrition crisis and food insecurity, the health system and social services are on the brink of collapse.

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