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Trump says everybody including Taliban ‘tired of war’

AT-KABUL: In the wake of fresh efforts by his special envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad—who at same stage made progress in talks with Taliban in Qatar, the US President Donald Trump on Sunday said that Taliban and everyone become tired of war, and insisted on troop’s pullout from Afghanistan. 

“It’s time. And we’ll see what happens with the Taliban. They want peace. They’re tired. Everybody’s tired,” the president said in an interview with CBS.

In case of terrorist hideouts forming in Afghanistan, Trump said, he would take steps to deal with the issue. “We got to get out of these endless wars and bring our folks back home.”

US spymasters have warned that a rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan could pave the ground for resurgence by Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.

While renewing his commitment to withdrawing some troops from Afghanistan, Trump said he wanted to keep some US forces in Iraq to watch Iran. “All I want to do is be able to watch.”

The president explained he wanted to cut the costly US military presence in Afghanistan and Syria, despite warnings against such moves from his military advisers and intelligemce bosses.

His administration would rely heavily on intelligence work in Afghanistan, he said, pledging to bring home US troops if a peace deal was reached with Taliban.

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