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Trump says he cancelled peace talks after Taliban’s rejection of truce

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KABUL: In a press conference with his Australian Counterpart Prime Minister, Scott Morrison at the White House, US President Donald Trump said he called off the peace talks with the Taliban group after they showed disagreement to nod for a ceasefire.

He said the Taliban were under attacks than any time before in the past 19 years.

US President Donald Trump said the Taliban has realized that they made mistakes in the negotiations and peace deal with Washington.

“I had fully preparation to visit the Taliban representatives, but whenever I found out they are not ready for a truce then why would we try,” Trump said.

“They have been heavily damaged in the talks,” Trump said while divulged an important sourceto him

“We (Taliban) have mistaken in dealing with this man,” Trump said referring to his position as US President and main player in the peace talks.

He said the Taliban have conceded killing of people as their strength. 

This comes as a Taliban Qatar based representative has earlier said that the way for negotiation the peace talks with the US were still open.

He once again repeated his reckless remarks of killing “ten million people” towin the Afghan war.

“To win quick, tens millions of people would be killed, and we think it’s unnecessary,” said Trump.

He meanwhile added the US had been massively effective in Afghanistan and that Washington wants a certain method of war in the country.  

This comes as the Afghan government has earlier asked Washington for clarification over the similar remarks has been made by Trump at his meeting with the Pakistani premier’s Imran Khan.

Former President, Hamid Karzai has then said that “we are the Premiere’s and no one can eliminate the “roof of the world”.

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