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Trump’s Afghanistan comments continue to draw flak

The US President Mr. Donald Trump on the eve of his historical meeting and talks with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has not only made unhappy the Afghans but had also made at irony the Pakhtoons by using words, “wiping Afghanistan of world face.” Now these worlds are considered heated topic of debate amongst Pakhtoons throughout the world and they in particular considering US President’s these remarks as “beginning of a new era of bloodshed and destruction of Afghanistan and the Pakhtoons across the Durand Line in Pakistan as well. Nationalist Politician and Awami National Party Chief Asfandyar Wali Khan while addressing a rally in Peshawar on Thursday evening, has shown severe resentment not only these irresponsible remarks of a president of US like responsible country and a civilized society. Asfandyar Wali has also shown surprise over silent position demonstrated by Premier Imran on this particular occasion and reminded that Afghans are not only residing in Afghanistan but millions of Afghans are citizens of Pakistan. Reminding President Trump, the ANP leader suggested him to read history of Afghanistan before making such type of remarks. Afghan government has already demanded explanation and clarification from the US administration. On the other hand, the war scattered Afghans from all over the world have also initiated a drive through social media for building up pressure against President Trump for regretting the negative and irresponsible remarks against the Afghans. President Trump during his chat with Premier Imran Khan has realized that despite receiving huge 1.3 billion US dollars annually as coalition support response/results from Pakistan remain disappointed and he again assured resumption of this huge financial support. President Trump’s such assurance also made anger the peace loving Afghans who were badly affected in last four decades. The US Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad is currently visiting the region in connection with his assignments and his sincerity towards Afghans above of doubts. But through such type of situation erupted with the negative remarks of President Trump all of his efforts could be jeopardized at this stage, when he is succeeded in putting all affairs on its right track. The US wants to get rid of over four decades long conflict but it should not repeat the blunders which it did after pulling of former Soviet Union troops out of Afghanistan in late 80’s. Instead of throwing the war, hostilities and crises affected Afghans, folding back from Afghanistan without peace and security arrangements, the US is likely to give another opportunity to militants from all over the world of playing havocs with the global peace and tranquility from the soil of Afghanistan and rest of South Asia as well. On such grounds, the Afghan leaders have time and again cautioned the global leaders about posing of serious impacts of Afghanistan situation over rest of the world in general and South Asia in particular. 

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