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Two lawmakers physically clash at Wolesi Jirga

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KABUL: Two lawmakers of the Wolesi Jirga and members of the house’s Complaints Commission have engaged in a physical clash.

A public representative from western Farah province, Balqis Roshan, divulged that she had been threatened by another member of the Complaints’ Commission, Allah Gul Mujahid.

However, Mujahid, a legislator from Kabul, accused her of insulting political leaders and alleged that she had physically assaulted him.

Meanwhile, a number of other MPs have claimed that the Deputy Minister for Security at the Ministry of Interior (MoI), General Khoshal Sadat, has illegally detained an Afghan American trader for 36 hours in order to force him accept his demands.

Abdul Satar Hussaini, a lawmaker from western Farah province, on Wednesday’s session that personnel of the major crime task force of the Ministry of Interior arrested Hilal Wardak, an Afghan American trader, in Kabul airport last week and jailed him for 36 hours.

He claimed the trader was arrested on the orders of deputy interior minister Khoshal Sadat and was told to give Sadat’s uncle $600,000.

Meanwhile, the Wolesi Jirga Speaker, Mir Rahman Rahmani, asked for explanation with regard to aerially targeted a civilian vehicle in Paktia province, which resulted in the killing of six people.

Moreover, the lower house of parliament also hinted at its readiness to mediate among the electoral teams in order to put an end to the current electoral deadlock.

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