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Two rockets land in Sayyaf’s residence

AT-KABUL: The residence of former Jihadi leader, Abdul Rab Rasoul Sayyaf, came under rocket attacks on Friday, said a source close to the Jihadi leader.

Fahim Kohdamani said two rockets landed in Sayyaf’s residence in Paghman district of Kabul province, causing damage, but there were no casualties.

Kohdamani said that perpetrators of the rocket attacks were enemies of Jihadi figures and people of Afghanistan.

No one has claimed the responsibility of the rocket attacks so far.

The Jihadi leader is frequently delivering speeches against the Taliban militants, terming the insurgent group as slaves of foreign interests.

Following the recent terror attack Shah Shaheed area of Kabul that killed and injured scores of civilians, Ustad Sayyaf said that the Taliban are being used against their nation. Hinting at revelation of Mullah Omar’s death in Karachi city of Pakistan, Sayyaf said that slaves and oppressors will die in the worst ways.

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