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U.S. backing ISIS-K in Afghanistan; Iran envoy

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KABUL – Iran’s ambassador to Kabul, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, has leveled serious accusations against the United States, alleging its support for Daesh in Afghanistan while also asserting that Washington’s actions have led to the destruction of the country’s economic and security infrastructure.

In an interview with an Iranian media outlet, Qomi asserted, “NATO and the U.S. partners have wrought havoc upon this nation’s infrastructure, economy, and security. Even though the U.S. has officially withdrawn, its influence continues to exert a malevolent presence. This includes supporting terrorism and aiding Daesh, which are among its nefarious activities.”

Contrary to these claims, the Taliban’s spokesperson, Zabiullah Mujahid, has contended that Daesh has been effectively eliminated in Afghanistan, and they will prevent the country from becoming a battleground for regional rivals. “We are committed to preventing Afghanistan from being a theater for the competition among nations. Furthermore, we pledge to ensure the security and stability of Afghanistan. No extremist group is flourishing here, and we will not permit any nation to provide support to Daesh on our soil,” he stated.

Mohammad Zalmai Afghanyar, an economist, added his perspective, saying, “The presence of the Americans undeniably has had a profound impact on Afghanistan’s social, cultural, and educational infrastructure”.

Ambassador Qomi pointed out that although the interim Afghan government has made efforts to combat terrorist groups, their continued presence poses a grave threat not only to Afghanistan but to the entire region. This is as The situation remains highly complex and politically charged, with conflicting narratives regarding the state of terrorism in Afghanistan.

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