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UK army is responsible for killing of 64 children in Afghanistan

According to Anatolia News Agency, the Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) based in London announced in a report today that 64 to 135 children killed in air and ground attacks by British soldiers in Afghanistan between 2006 and 2014.

It is stated in this report that the British government has so far paid 1,656 pounds compensation to the families of 64 victims.

The Ministry of Defense of this country had previously acknowledged the payment of compensation to the families of 16 victims.

According to this report, the actual number of children who killed in the operations of British forces in Afghanistan may increase to 135 people, because the age and cause of death of some victims have not been accurately recorded.

In some cases, the causes that led to the child’s death are briefly stated in the documents.

Earlier, the Guardian newspaper announced that British forces are responsible for the deaths of 86 children and more than 200 civilian adults during the Afghanistan conflict, and must pay £2,380 in compensation for each of those killed.

It should be noted that more than a year has passed since the complete withdrawal of the American forces from Afghanistan and the seizure of power by the Taliban, and thus the country is facing the consequences of two decades armed violence, including a serious economic and humanitarian crisis.

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