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US awaits Taliban decision on violence reduction

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KABUL: Zalmay Khalilzad, US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation is back in Doha, the capital city of Qatar, to resume the stalled peace talks with the Taliban negotiating members, following the Washington’s demand for a short time ceasefire and reduction of violence in Afghanistan.

The talks has yet to start officially as according to some sources, Khalilzad awaits the Taliban’s response regarding the US call and precondition of a short-time ceasefire and violence reduction.

The peace talks have been paused for nearly one month after a Taliban attack on Bagram – the US military base in central Parwan province, but the Taliban said the delay is due to consultation with their top leadership.

Delhi Times has quoted a source privy to Taliban – who said, “When Khalilzad arrived in Doha, the Qatari officials informed us for the meeting. Our representatives were ready for the visit but Khalilzad opposed the meeting and said that he has not received any response about the reduction of violence.”

Earlier, a Taliban delegation compromised of three members, led by Mollawie Shohabuddin Dilawar has visited Islamabad to discuss the US demand of “ten-day” ceasefire with their leadership.

Later on, there were some reports about a short-time truce agreement between US and Taliban but the militants’ spokesman has denied the reports, saying that if there was any type of ceasefire, the details would shared with media.

Afghanistan peace process has so far been dealing with a bunch of ups and downs. In early September, last year, the US President Donald Trump called of the negotiation for the sake of an attack by the Taliban in capital Kabul that killed 12 people including an American. But later on, he said that his administration is working on an agreement with the Taliban group.

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