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US will pull out troops by 2020 end, Abdullah tells Iranian media

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KABUL: Abdullah Abdullah, director of the reconciliation council said that the US would pull all its soldiers out of Afghanistan by the end of this year.

“We have been in war for 42 years and in war with Taliban for more than two decades and this is the first time that Afghans sit around a table for talks. The people of Afghanistan expect progress in the negotiations as it is a historical opportunity,” Abdullah told Fars News Agency in Tehran.

He said in response to a question that the United States and the international community want reduction of violence and talks for cease fire are underway. He said that it would take time to reach a nationwide truce.

Regarding Trump’s statement for the withdrawal of his troops from Afghanistan by Christmas, Abdullah said: As the US President, Trump said that and this is their decision whether to withdraw from Afghanistan. The number of their soldiers will decrease by the end of this year, but I cannot comment about the US next step.

He said that a number of the US troops are withdrawing and this will continue, but some of them will remain in Afghanistan.

On the connection of the US presidential election to Afghan peace process, Abdullah said: There are some confrontations and symmetries between Democrats and Republicans on this process that need more talks. This is important that the people of Afghanistan want peace.

He rejected US presidential candidate Joe Biden’s remarks about the possibility of disintegration of Afghanistan, saying that “Afghanistan is united, it will remain united and its unity guarantees its survival.”

He spoke about his visit to Iran, saying that his focus in his regional tours is on the peace in Afghanistan, assuring that all the regional states support the intra-Afghan talks led by Afghans.

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